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Tortoise Temple
at onedoorland

A hidden sanctuary of cultivation on the Eastern edge of Portland

Our sanctuary is located just on the eastern edge of Portland OR amongst an enchanted forest of 100 year old rhododendrons, cedars and redwoods.  A creek burbles through the property while just outside the temple space Koi pond and lotus flowers play together.


We lovingly call our sanctuary Tortoise Temple. The tortoise is a cross cultural symbol of wisdom, perseverance, and hidden mysteries from the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to the great Taoist. 


We're a non-religious center committed to inner cultivation and mastery. A soulful community focused on masterful levels of inner cultivation, beauty making and being awake in the Dreaming of life. 

Some images of our 2 acred Sanctuary

The Tortoise Temple hosts different "Cultivators"
in Residence. 

These are people who have modeled a commitment and depth to the cultivation of their craft and how they serve our communities.  Each one has their own unique websites:  Enjoy exploring and connecting with each one.


Heaven's Tea

Learn Gongfu Cha, participate in Tea School or book a private group or individual session with Po.


Wild Soul Guidance

Katrina is our resident Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Soul Guide of the inner terrain. 

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Tree of Totems

Chivito Facilitates Tree of Totems Spiritual Wilderness School focused on restoring Traditional forms of Inner Cultivation and Rites of Passage


Roots & Branch Accupuncture

Travis is our resident acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. 

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Dave Hoover

Dave is our Resident Bard who teaches Harp and tours sharing the gifts of storytelling and the Bardic Arts.

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Brian Wheeler

Brian live in residence and share his gifts within the inner folds of our community.  He's an Editor working closely with Alan Watts material. 

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