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Special Tea Events



Tea School -Wednesdays 10am, $45​

Classes at Heavens Tea at the Tortoise Temple House. 

Contact Po at teamonkpo@gmail or on IG at teadrunkpo. Cheers.


Friday 10th, 930am-11am.. Tea and Tao, an Exploration of tea through the principles of the Tao. This class will give you a deep practical framework within which to understand the energies in teas and the tao. $50

Tuesday 14th, 10-1130am. Rare Tea Journey. Each month we host a rare tea journey and bring out some of our rarer older teas which have powerful healing Qi.  This month we will drink a 1980s puer and some 30 year old oolong as well as other treats. The session will include meditation and discussion of using tea for cultivation. $100.

Sunday 19th. Embodied Presence Cultivation Through Tea and Touch - A Tea and Cranial Sacral Workshop. 

Monday 20th, The Illuminated Presence, An Ecstatic Tea Journey. In this special cultivation class we will drink different rare Chinese teas which open us up into the ecstatic realm. The session will include short periods of mediation and some Sufi poetry.  10-1130.  $50.

Thursday 30th, 10-1100am. The Inner Art of Tea. This class is devoted to the internal aspects of tea ceremony. This is where the real subtle art of tea is found and the tools to bring out the spirit, energy and voice of the tea.  $40


Special Guest Class with Niema Lightseed- The Subtle Sip, a Tea and Poetry writing workshop with NIema.  Saturday 18th, 1-4.  In this class we will drink rare teas to move us into the inner poetic realm of life, then Niema will guide students in the art of creating poetry. Limited to 6 people. $60-80 sliding scale. See https://www.thebodypoetic.comfor information on our talented guest.

Special Guest Class with Stacey Darby. 930-1pm.

Sunday 19th. Embodied Presence Cultivation Through Tea and Touch - A Tea and Cranial Sacral Workshop. $85-150 sliding scale. See her website for more info. Workshop is intended for those who practice cranial sacral work as part of their work.

To attend, send an email to confirm.

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