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Inside Meditation

This is for those who want to learn and experience what to be aware of and how to engage the more subtle terrain within the breath and stages of awareness.  We draw from lineage based techniques that enable you or your students to experience deeper states of meditation and gain a felt sense of consistent cultivation of consciousness.

In this 2 hour class, we share from the Himalayan Siddhas & Buddhist Tantrikas.  We explore the detailed map of the inner terrain and practice techniques to experience specific states of awareness, the subtle channels and your ability to navigate them. 


You'll gain a felt experience of what to be aware of so you may stay in meditation as a conscious and intentional participant. 

The intention of meditation isn't to meditate anymore than the purpose of a rake is for raking leaves.  The purpose of the rake is to clear the yard of debris so other things may grow. 


Likewise, we don't meditate just to meditate. Meditation is to clear the mind and activate the subtle fields so you may grow into more anchored layers of consciousness.

Do you know how to identify and move through these specific states?  Do you know where you drop out of meditation and what's happening when you do?


Each week, we hone in a particular awareness and technique.  We share how to experience it and what's actually happening so you gain a felt experiential knowledge of it.  We then practice it together so you have a direct experience of it and after, we pool our experiences and hence learn from each other.

These classes are focused on cultivating a real felt experiential knowledge of what's happening inside meditation.

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This is for intermediate to advanced level meditators as well as meditation and yoga teachers who want to support their students in having a deeper and more profound experience.


Wednesdays 6:30m - 8pm

Only 8 Persons Per Class


About Your Guide

Nearly 20 years ago, I sold everything I owned and ended up in India where I was blessed to be taking under the wing of a band of great Siddha Masters.  I had no idea who they were and it wasn't until years later I learned what lineage they were.

These beautiful souls shared more than I could put into words.  Over many years, with their tutelage and expansive field of being, they brought me into meditating 12 hours a day where they revealed the intimacies within the breath and the inner territory we navigated.

After 20 years of dedicated sadhana I'm yet a student but I'm dedicated to the path they've offered me.  I enjoy gathering with others, sharing what these incredible beings shared with me and as we pool our experiences together we get to learn from each other. 

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