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Red Mountain
Pink Building

September Classes at Heavens Tea at the Tortoise Temple House. 

Contact Po at teamonkpo@gmail or on IG at teadrunkpo. Cheers.


Tuesday 19th, 10—1130am. Tea and Tao Class- A class to explore tea as vibrational medicine for cultivation through the lens of the tao. We will drink different rare Chinese teas, sit with them and discuss the energies. $45. Limit 6 people 

Friday 22nd, 10-1130am. Rare Tea Journey - Once a month we have a tea journey with very rare Chinese teas. The main feature this month is a 1970s sheng puer called sanctum which brings us into a state of profound depth and sacredness. We will also drink some 25 year old oolong and other treats. $100. These are exquisite experiences and will leave you in a deep powerful creative state. 

Sunday 24th 10-1130am.  Tea and Poetry Journey . In one of the most popular classes we will drink rare Chinese teas, sit with them, talk about them and then write a poem of the inner journey the tea brings us on. This is a wonderful way to learn to listen to the spirit of the tea plant and the inner landscape of your being. $45. 

Saturday 30th, Tea and Plant Spirit Medicine. This class focuses on relating to rare chinese teas as plant spirit medicine. We will drink different teas, have short meditations and learn the ways of connecting to the body, energetic body and spirit of tea. $45.

For private sessions for 1-6 people Email at

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